D3 Dental Engineering



The D3 Dental Engineering study program is a relatively new study program, especially in the eastern region of Indonesia, even though it is relatively new, this study program existed in the 90s and early 2000s. This dental engineering study program also experienced a vacuum for approximately 14 years until finally the study program This dental technique has reappeared and is managed by the Megarezky Islamic Education Foundation.

The initial formation and issuance of operational permits for dental engineering began in 2016, and immediately recruited new students who were still under the auspices of the Makassar Megarezky College of Health. In 2020 STIKES Megarezky changed its name to Megarezky University as a result of the merger of the College of Health with the College of Teacher Training and Educational Sciences, and Dental Engineering are under the Faculty of Health Technology.

Dental engineering is established by the Decree of the Ministry of Higher Education number 62/KPT/I/2015 dated 18 September 2015 which mandates the Megerezky Islamic Education Foundation to manage it. Its existence has provided many things as part of its performance such as accreditation which has B status even though the assessment at that time Megarezky dental engineering is still 2 years old, as a manifestation of the tridharma of higher education, the main goal of dental engineering is the creation of quality human resources, community-oriented dental technician services, supporting collaboration programs with the government and the private sector and prioritizing quality and competitiveness.

In character building and scientific mastery, Megarezky University Dental Engineering is coached by qualified lecturers and also provides the widest possible opportunities for human resources to develop themselves through professional dental technician activities and forming students who have the basic principles of devotion to God Almighty, prioritizing deliberation in solving problems and of course is academically oriented, focused on mastering dental technician skills in accordance with the DIII Dental Engineering Education requirements.


To become a leading study program at regional level in technology, utilization, usage and new technological innovations Flexi Denture.


  • Creating a conducive academic climate, which emphasizes the process of developing special skills in manufacturing Flexi Denture.
  • Creating a skills development process by carrying out community service that focuses on manufacturing services Flexi Denture.
  • Carry out research activities related to use and development Flexi Denture.


  • Availability of ready-to-use personnel in dental technicians.
  • Implementation of professional dental technician services in accordance with community needs.
  • Providing dental technician laboratory services to meet requests from individuals and government or private institutions.
  • Fulfilling the need for qualified and technical graduates.


Dr. Umar Dg. Palallo, A.Md.TG., S.KM., M.Kes

Isma Suprapti, A.Md.TG., S.KM., M.Kes

Drg. Rosmaladewi Talli, S.KG., M.Kes

Drg. Hj. Dian Handayani, S.KG., M.Kes

Drg. Ariyani Goeliling, S.KG., M.Kes

Drg. Rahmy Wardiningsih, S.KM., M.Kes

Drg. Nurul Insani, S.KG., M.Kes

Drg. Magfira, S.KG., M.Kes

Dr. Amir Mahmud Hafsah, A, Md. TG., S.KM., M. Kes


CBT room


Tutorial room

Laboratory and skills


Semester 1
Subject SKS
Religious education 2
Civic education 2
Pancasila Education 2
Dental Anatomy 5
Dental Materials I 2
Anatomy Physiology 1
Occupational Health and Safety (K3) 1
PP Tool I 2
Indonesian 2
Professional ethics 1
PBAK (Anti-Corruption Culture Education) 1
Semester 2
Subject SKS
Simple Acrylic Removable Partial Denture 4
Dental Materials II 2
Acrylic and Metal Fixed Dentures 4
Simple Removable Complete Dentures 4
PP Tools II 2
Laboratory Management 2
Basic Conservation Science 3
English Dental 2
3rd semester
Subject SKS
Complex Acrylic Removable Partial Denture 3
Porcelain Crown Fixed Denture (PFM) 4
Simple Metal Framework Removable Partial Denture 4
Metal Fixed Dentures 3
Complex acrylic removable partial denture 1
Advanced Conservation Science 2
Flexy Dentures 5
Semester 4
Subject SKS
Active Removable Orthodontics 4
Complex Removable Complete Dentures 3
Maxillo Facial Intra Oral 5
Complex Metal Framework Removable Partial Denture 3
PKL I (Field Work Practice I) 5
Complex removable complete denture 1
Complex metal framework removable partial denture 1
5th semester
Subject SKS
Passive Removable Orthodontics 2
Maxillo Facial Extra Oral 2
Porcelain Bridge Fixed Denture (PFM) 2
Public Health Education (PKM) 2
Research methods 2
Passive removable orthodontics 1
Entrepreneurship 2
Dental Technology 2
6th semester
Subject SKS
Field Work Practice II (PKL) 5
Flexy Denture Practice 3
Final report 4
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